Contemporary Home Decor Hardware 5 Tips That Show How To Decorate

Designers don’t follow many rules, they create, rearrange and try to find new innovative ways to style homes. However their are a couple of general simple fuzzy guidelines that you can use for some direction as we go through our article on how to decorate, relating to Contemporary Home Decor Hardware.

Contemporary home decor hardware architectural hallway with color tourism

Indoor hallway with nice color

Color – Choose last
Most people when deciding to decorate their contemporary home decor hardware try to decide on the color from the start. Choosing a color at the beginning can of course be done. While this may sound like a good idea, choosing a color at the beginning is like choosing a color for your new car before actually seeing the color on the car. Their are so many paint colors, tints, shades, etc. With that being said each color looks different depending on where it is, lighting coming in from the house windows may distort the shade of the color. Colors are meant to be complementary to your home contemporary home decor hardware, rugs, and other decorations such as lighting fixtures, hinges, etc. To conclude choosing your colors after you have set up your home decor would be your best bet because you can see how it would actually look with the lighting in your home.

Contemporary home decor hardware Decorative kitchen with layers of light

Nice kitchen decorated with layers of light.

Lighting – Add in Layers
If you have paintings, wrought iron chandeliers, and other custom European hardware(does not have to be custom or European). Adding lighting in layers is a great way to create variety, and interest. A good way to add layers is to pick a focal point or two and highlight them with light. Also you may want add some more layers of light at the lower level. You can do this by providing some general ambient light and perhaps a couple of lamps.

Contemporary home decor hardware Inside home with unique hardware

Home decor hardware scale

Scale – Vary it
Varying the scale of objects in the room you are decorating is a good way to create some contrast and make things pop. But be careful some things may seem like a good idea when you see it at the store but when brought back home it may look out of place. Because of size issues it’s a good idea to know your measurements or at least take a measuring tape when going shopping.

Interior focal point couch Contemporary home decor hardware

Nice indoor hardware focal point

Focal Point – Make one
Everything has a role in design, from small to large. Choosing the focal point is like choosing the most valuable player on a team. Everybody has a role and knows their place, don’t try to get in the way of the MVP because it can get messy. Most of the time a good focal point should be across the entrance of the room to make it feel that you are being drawn in between them. A focal point can be pretty much any item, custom hardware, antique objects, wrought iron chandeliers, and so on. At Jnicolas we like to call it jewelry for the house.

Home decor hardware and art

Art placed in correct position

Artwork – Place at correct height
When placing artwork in your home it is always a good idea to relate to human scale. If you place your artwork to relate to the structure’s scale then it may not look as good. It is easy to put artwork a little to high especially if you have tall ceilings. Do what museums and art galleries do which is place the artwork’s center at human scale which is about 60 inches from the ground.

To conclude, designers are innovative creators that are always trying new things. It would be best to use your creativity, make something new with style. Happy designing!


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